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Welcome to The Counselling Channel

The video streaming features of this website are under construction and are currently unavailable. However, you can still see some of our video clips on our youtube channel: and our Video Jug channel:


You can also find a counsellor near you using a new directory of counsellors' services launched at

Points of View

Click to watch the latest Points of View video on The Counselling Channel

Watch our new series of short clips where counselling professionals share their views on various topics such as 'What is love?', 'What is the self?', 'What is wisdom?' and more...

Points of View will be back soon when we have finished constructing our new video section.

Counselling Café - time for you.

We are inviting you, our viewers, to send us your counselling related videos. We're looking for short clips of no more than ten minutes. Please visit our youtube channel at and contact us for more information.

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